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Eclipse Audio Apartment Station

Eclipse Audio Apartment Station

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The surface units are manufactured from impact resistant ABS plastic, the flush units are manufactured from 12 gauge brushed stainless steel.  Available for the popular VX2200 system and standard audio systems and can be used with the 4000 series, 8000 series and vandal resistant range of door entry panels.

  • Handsfree voice switched speech with option for simplex speech when required
    (Simplex speech version also available in ABS plastic)
  • Low profile surface mount or vandal resistant flush mount Carbon fibre, silver, white or stainless steel finishes
  • Large call answer button. By simply holding this button down the system will automatically switch into simplex speech mode.
  • Large door release button with LED.
  • Timed privacy facility with indication LED which can be programmed via buttons on the front of the unit.
  • Auxillary button for other services (surface units only)



Simplex model shown





for VX2200 systems(Handsfree speech)
Art.5178White ABS plastic surface
Art.5178/CRSilver ABS plastic surface
Art.5178/CACarbon Fibre ABS plastic surface
Art.VR5178Stainless steel flush Vandal resistant


for standard systems(Handsfree speech)
Art.5118White ABS plastic surface
Art.5118/CRSilver ABS plastic surface
Art.5118/CACarbon Fibre ABS plastic surface


for standard systems(Simplex speech)
Art.5112White Eclipse for the standard system
Art.5112/CRSilver Eclipse for the standard system
Art.5112/CACarbon Fibre Eclipse for the standard system


Art.5138Desk kit for ABS audio Eclipse

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