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Eclipse Handsfree Colour Video Monitor

Eclipse Handsfree Colour Video Monitor

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The 5000 series Eclipse is available for the popular VX2200 sysem, 2 wire VX2300 system along with standard video systems and kits. It can be used with the 4000 series, 8000 series and vandal resistant range of door entry panels.

Vandal resistant units are manufactured for 12 gauge stainless steel, standard units from impact resistant ABS plastic.


  • 3.5" TFT colour monitor.
  • Handsfree voice switched speech with option for simplex speech when required.
  • Flush, surface, and vandal resistant flush options available.
  • Carbon fibre, silver, white and stainless steel attravtive finishes.
  • Coax or non-coax (Twisted pair) video options.


  • Large call answer/camera recall button. By simply holding this button down the system will automatically switch into simplex speech mode.
  • Large door release button with door released LED.
  • Timed privacy facility with indication LED which can be programmed via buttons on the front of the unit.
  • On screen user information for programming and call progress (Vandal resistant version only) Call volume, speech volume, colour and brightness can all be adjusted using the buttons on the front of the unit allowing the end user to customise to their requirements.








for VX2200 systems 
SL5478White surface ABS
SL5478/CRSilver surface ABS
SL5478/CACarbon Fibre Effect surface ABS
VR5418Stainless steel flush


for traditional system 
SL5456White surface ABS
SL5456/CRSilver surface ABS
SL5456/CACarbon Fibre Effect surface ABS


for traditional system 
SL5418White Surface ABS
SL5418/CRSilver Surface ABS
SL5418/CACarbon Fibre Effect Surface ABS


for VX2300 system 
SL5488White Surface ABS
SL5488/CRSilver Surface ABS
SL5488/CACarbon Fibre Effect Surface ABS


Mounting options 
5980Wall mounting plate with connector
5931Desk mounting kit
5981NFlush mounting kit (White) Solid wall
5981N/CRFlush mounting kit (Silver) Solid wall
5981N/CAFlush mounting kit (Carbon Fibre effect) Solid wall
5983NFlush mounting kit (White) Dry line wall
5983N/CRFlush mounting kit (Silver) Dry line wall
5983N/CAFlush mounting kit (Carbon Fibre effect) Dry line wall

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